I think the most egocentric thing about me is that I take rainbows personally. The fainter and harder it is to spot, the more I feel convinced that God put it in the sky just for me.


4 thoughts on “Rainbows

  1. Many Times, I KNOW HE SENT Some SUNSHINE TO Just ME….Because He Knew How Bad I Needed it..AND HE has also Sent Me my Own Rainbows to remind me of certain Promises as I began doubting….Of Course HE sends You Rainbows…..YOU are His Princess..The Daughter of The Very King Of all Kings…Many Blessings are Very Personal….and Strengthening….

  2. Me too. I feel the same way about rainbows. How they’ve been put up there for God to allow for me to see – and to know that He is watching over me. How special rainbows are!

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