I have been working on giving myself, and being aware of, what it is that I truly hunger for.

I think, often, my hunger, (which is characterized more by a general feeling of discontentment than a growling stomach), is actually for God.

But I don’t expect that He will actually meet me. I don’t truly think that if I get alone with Him, I will come away satisfied.

So, instead, I watch mindless TV for hours, needing SOME WAY to relax and mentally check out for a while.

And you know what I usually feel in addition to mental rest? Bored.

I sit in front of the TV because it’s easy, even though I’m bored. Even though it’s not what I really hunger for.

I refuse to be a faithless believer anymore.

Lord, help me remember You love me. You delight in spending time with me.

Help me believe that You are NOT a God of limitations.

Often I think, “There’s got to be more. There has to be more opportunities for heaven on earth. There has to be potential for more depth to my relationship with God.”

And often in response to my own thought, I would shame myself and remind myself that we will always long for more, until heaven.

And while that’s true, I don’t think God would ever tell me there is no more. I don’t think He would ever shame me for wanting more. I think that our hunger for more is exactly where God wants us.

And I cannot imagine a place Satan would rather have me than believing that there is no more.

He is NOT a God of limitations!

Lord, help me live each day colored by You- the knowledge that You are.

Each day is significant. Each day matters.

Help me see You in it- Your goodness, Your power, Your love for me, Your smile, and the plan You have for my day.

Help me go through life aware of my greater purpose. Help me love the people I encounter over the course of my day with the love You have for them. Help me remember they are Yours.

Life isn’t mundane. It is beautiful. Each day is beautiful. There should be little room for boredom, I think.

Thank You, Jesus, that each day holds the potential that I will come to love You more.

Lord, help me never forget that YOU are my greatest desire.

It is YOU that I hunger for.


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