“Rules” for Living

How often do you think what we label as “just part of life” actually stifles God’s ability to move in our lives?

How often do you think our understanding of what is socially acceptable and expected of us impedes what God would want to do in that moment?

How often do you think we tell God, “Shhh, not now,” because what He is saying makes us uncomfortable?

How often do you think our fear of people becomes more real to us than our faith in the Creator of all things, including those people we fear and that which we call reality?

And yes, I know God would never ask something of us that goes against His word. But how often do I feel God pulling me in some direction, and I respond to Him by saying, “I don’t think You understand how busy I am/what people would think/how tired I am/how ill-equipped I am…”

There just has to be more than this. More of Him ready to be released on earth. I love my job and know I can go to work each day as a “missionary” of sorts, but there has to be more.

If Jesus showed up at the foot of my bed right now, how would that change me? I mean, apart from the instant heart attack and certain death ;-), how would I live differently? And if I know I would live differently after a face-to-face encounter with my Lord, how can I be content to carry on the way I am now? Status quo?

Lord, I will seek Your face and follow where You lead. And I will wait. Because even my best intentions are inappropriate if you haven’t asked that of me or if I act prematurely. And so, I will wait on You. And not wait impatiently, but wait with excitement for what’s to come as well as love for the gift of today.

Lord, trust in You. You are capable.


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