Eyes to See

1 Corinthians 15:26 says: “The last enemy that will be destroyed is death.”

In my devotional for today, the author commented that “our last enemy will be His final victory.”

And that made me smile. Because God is always fighting on our behalf. And also, what a great reminder that we are not expected to be strong enough to fight our own battles! We are just supposed to trust.

And then I started thinking, how many of God’s victories don’t look like victories to us? We who have such limited vision, but such confidence in our ability to perceive whether or not God has let us down?

He doesn’t let us down. Not ever.

Lord, give us eyes to see.

And even when we cannot see or understand and life (or death) is looming large and daunting before us, help us to know we have nothing to fear. You are in control. And everything–everything–is going to be okay. Better than okay even. Infinitely better than okay.

And let that truth lead us to worship You. You are so, so good.

Thank You that You love us.

Thank You that we have absolutely nothing to fear.

And help our faith in the promise of Your Word enable us to live boldly.

Help us to look past what we may be tempted to see as the inevitable constraints of life. Help us to remember that we have no enemies.

Because we are Yours.

And this life, while beautiful, is fleeting. And that isn’t something to fear. Because we know what awaits us.


2 thoughts on “Eyes to See

  1. You are an Exciting Daughter of The King of All Kings. Just Reading what You wrote here, causes JOY to Rise and Fill my heart with PRAISES for Our GOD
    . Thank You Precious one. HE IS ALIVE In YOU…You ARE SHINING HIS LIGHT. YOU ARE EXPERIENCING HIS LIGHT, Without the Darkness overshadowing it.. Your Freedom Is Incredibly Encouraging. Thank YOU So MUCH!

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