The Love Of A Parent

Whenever I watch America’s Got Talent and I see the way the parents look at their children as they step out onto that stage to perform, I feel my heart harboring two thoughts:

First: No one will ever look at me like that again.
No one’s eyes will ever look at me like that again, with that combination of pride and fierce love and emotion.

And then the second thought arises: GOD looks at me like that.
And this thought isn’t a whisper, like the first one. It’s booming and loud and makes Thought Number One sit back and take notice. And, in response, my eyes unfailingly begin to tear up. Because when Truth speaks loud to your heart, that’s just what happens.

He really is every single thing we need. In Him, all of my hopes and dreams and needs and wants are wrapped up. Whatever I’m lacking, whatever hurt I carry around with me, HE IS THERE. He is bigger than it. He is more than enough.

It blows me away how much He loves us.

It blows me away how very well-taken-care-of we truly are.

Lord, help me to live out my gratitude and love for You. In the things I say and do and what I think and in how I occupy my time, help me to make it all for You. 


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