“In ‘The Two St. John’s of the New Testament’, James Stalker wrote, ‘Not infrequently it was by persecution that the new faith was driven out of on place into another, where, but for this reason, it might never have been heard of; so that the opposition which threatened to extinguish the fire of the Gospel only scattered in embers far and wide; and wherever they fell a new fire was kindled.’ What amazing providence! When Christ told His disciples that they would receive power and become witnesses not only in Jerusalem but to the uttermost parts of the earth, they never expected His means! No, His ways are not our ways. Our ways would always be comfortable. Convenient. Certainly without hurt or harm. We would always ask that God use the favor of man to increase our harvest. Not the fervor of opposition.”

I love that we can trust Him. Even when it looks from our perspective like He has abandoned us, there is a lesson in what we are experiencing. And He never abandons us. He never walks out. He never changes His mind on us or gives up.

Lord, give us faith to pursue you through whatever life brings. Help us to know that You are good ALWAYS and that You long to communicate with us. Help us to see You in our life circumstances- our struggles and our joys. Help us to have Your perspective on life. Help us to know that You are GOD and we can fully and completely, without any reservation, trust You.


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