You Are Their God, Too

Lately I have been giving some thought to what it means to really love someone, and what I’ve concluded is that when you love someone, you trust God with them. You don’t try to BE God in their life. You don’t try to Band-Aid discomfort or hurry them through their hard times, encouraging them to be okay again. You aren’t so quick to pick them up and dust them off and give them a lollipop to distract them from their pain. Rather, You stand by them, you care about them, you listen (to them and to God’s prompting), and you trust that God is doing something. You trust that He will use the pain your loved one is feeling.

Lord, help me give control of the people I love to You. Help me to fully entrust You with their safety and well-being.

No matter what life holds, I pray my loved ones will know that You are God.

Help me stop trying to hold things together. I want to give You room to move. I want them to be acutely aware that their safety and comfort are in You, not me. I want to know they will be okay without me trying to ensure their okayness. I know, Lord, that I am not doing anyone any favors by stepping in and being so quick to try to fix things. Because in doing so, I lessen their need for You.

I don’t want them to go through life lost and scared and confused about what really matters. Capture their hearts, Lord.

Thank you, God, that YOU have a plan. Help me to play my part in Your plan, but never try to step in and play yours.


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