He Is Good- All The Time

“Human nature seeks to get–one way or another–what it feels it needs most. How do you try to grab on to an extra measure of love and acceptance?”

“Our souls were…created to exult and dance in holy passion. If we don’t find it in the Holy One, we’ll search for it amid the smoldering heaps of the unholy.”

“Do you realize that Christ wants you to have a great life (John 10:10)?…Don’t confuse great with no challenges, hardships, or even suffering…Christian hedonists don’t discount suffering. They just don’t give up until they find the gain in the loss (Phil. 3:8).”

We are designed to worship something, and we will. We seek something to worship, something to entrust our happiness and safety and contentment to, whether that be money, beauty, love, success, or God. We all ache for more. We ache for something to fill the void. But so few us us know (or trust!) that God is the source of what we are yearning for.

I think that the fact that we are designed to seek something to worship is further evidence that there is a God. I love that He will just keep directing us back to Him until we see He is what we have been looking for.

Have bad things happened in my life? Sure. But I see them so much differently the more I get to know God.

No matter what life brings, help me to be okay, Lord. Because You are Love. All that You do is out of Love. Thank You for that.

Thank You for every time I lost something that felt, at the time, like a betrayal. Thank You for every painful thing I went through that drew me close to You.

Thank You, Lord, for all that I’ve gone through and how it has taught me so fully that You alone can satisfy.

Thank You that You stood by me while I exhausted every option but You. Thank You that You continued to move, even when I groaned and grumbled about what I saw as Your lack of presence in my life, or ignorantly came to You to discuss what I perceived to be Your lack of trustworthiness. Forgive me, Lord, for every time I was mad at You, and thank You that I know now that You are always deserving of praise, even when I don’t understand.

Thank You for the freedom from trying to find satisfaction and wholeness in the things of the world. Thank You for freedom from trying to make people my God. Continue to protect me from idolatry, Lord. Help my heart to be fully Yours.

Thank You, God, that there is no aspect of my life that You are not involved and invested in. In the good and bad, help me to praise You. I trust You.

Thank You that life isn’t boring, Thank You that You have a magnificent plan. Thank You that life with You by my side is DYNAMIC.

Thank you, Abba. Thank You that I am well taken care of. Thank You that I have nothing to fear.


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