In my last post, I wrote about the scene in the Bible where Jesus turned water into wine at the wedding. In the Beth Moore book I’m reading, she made the scene come alive for me in a fresh way by giving Mary more modern words: “They have no more wine. And, Son, You’re the only one who can give them what they need–more.”

How true that is. How often I go looking for “more” in things that aren’t Him.

Lord, direct my focus. Help me to remember that there IS more. There is. I have never explored all of what You have to offer. Help me to remember, however, that to seek “more” in anything apart from you is foolish.

“Beloved, you can take this one to the spiritual bank: any compulsion for too much of anything is symptomatic of the honor and urgency of emptiness. Far too many people think that the ‘good Christian thing to do’ about our gnawing emptiness is get a grip, stop whining, and live without for the rest of our lives. If that’s what we do, we miss the very first miracle Jesus came to perform! John’s Gospel came along to give us the best of good news. We were never meant to live with emptiness! We were meant to be full; His children were all meant to receive His fullness in one blessing after another! Let me echo a precept underscored continually through this look at abundance. We were created to be full. When we’re not filled with the good things Christ came to bring us, we will grasp at anything as a substitute. An unsatisfied soul is an accident waiting to happen…Dear one, how tragic for us to continue with pangs of emptiness. What a waste! Christ came to bring us a [fullness]! Stop feeling guilty because you crave lots of joy in your life. You were made for joy!”

Lord, fill us with You. Fill us with joy and life and love overflowing.


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