Lord, Help Us To Know You

Did you know that when Jesus said in John 14:21 that He will show Himself to His followers, the original word for “show Himself”, emphanizo, meant: “To let oneself be intimately known and understood”? In other words, Jesus said He would “let [Himself] be clearly seen by [His followers] and make [Himself] real to [them].” He also made it clear in John 14:23 that “this particular ‘disclosure,’ ‘manifestation,’ or ‘making plain’ would not occur in heaven but on earth.”

In other words, we don’t have to wait! God isn’t hiding from us or trying to remain mysterious. He wants to be known- intimately!

Isn’t that a beautiful thought!? And yet, if He loves us, of course He’d want us to know Him! What kind of relationship is based on being closed off and impenetrable?!

“We are not yet fully believing God! If we were, we’d be so astounded and delighted in Him and living so far beyond ourselves that we wouldn’t be able to contain our joy.”

He wants to be known. I find so much joy in knowing that there is more. There is always more to discover and know and learn. I find so much joy in the fact that life isn’t meant to be boring or mediocre. The Lord wants us to come fully alive in Him.


“I am convinced that the essence of abundant life is simply put: an abundance of God in our lives. I don’t just want to do the church thing. I want to experience God every day of my mortal life! And walk with Him as surely and vividly as I could walk with flesh and bone. I want to see His glory that the prophet Isaiah said fills the earth. I don’t just want to be saved from destruction, as thankful as I am for the deliverance. I want to bask in the favor of his pure presence. I want God… and a lot of Him!…I want to know Him on this earth as well as a moral can know Him. Don’t you? Then let’s pray toward that end!…Every day of our lives. More of Your Spirit, Lord. More of Your Spirit.”

Yes, Lord. That is my prayer.

“Isaiah 6:30 tells us the earth is full of His glory. Beloved, I don’t believe I’m stretching the text when I say the glory of our Lord Jesus surrounds us constantly. We are perpetually surrounded by means through which He could show us His worth, His providence, and His presence. We don’t want to miss them!”


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