My First Love

Jesus, help me seek You with my whole heart.

There is so much in the world vying for my attention. There is so much that promises to fulfill. But it’s all lies- fulfillment, true fullness of life, is found in Christ alone.

Lately I’ve been finding it is requiring a little more discipline to make the time to spend with God, but when I do, when I sit down with my Bible, instantly there is nowhere else I’d rather be and nothing I’d rather be doing. It’s like until I sat there before the Lord, ready to hear from Him, I didn’t realize how thirsty I was. The thirst is always there, so much so that I hardly even notice it, but when I make time for Him I suddenly realize. Oh, how He satisfies. And oh, how quick I am to forget that!

I feel like I am programmed with little “warning signs”. When I start to think certain things or feel certain ways, I know I am not getting enough of Jesus. And yet, because I am so quick to forget that it’s Jesus I need, I keep plowing forward, looking for something else to fulfill. And that never goes well.

It’s like I’m driving a car and the needle is on empty, but I completely ignore that and find myself stranded on the side of the road a few miles later, shaking my fist and asking the universe, “Why does this always happen to me!?” It’s illogical that I’d somehow feel justified in protesting my plight when I was given ample warning that I needed to fill up.

Lord, help me remember that YOU are life. Help me continue to fall deeper in love with You.

Time spent with you is invaluable. Nothing is worth trading that time for something else.

I am Yours and You are mine,
forever and ever.


4 thoughts on “My First Love

  1. You mentioned something which really spoke to me.

    I feel like I am programmed with
    little “warning signs”. When I start
    to think certain things or feel certain
    ways, I know I am not getting
    enough of Jesus.

    I see now how I constantly need to spend time with God. Spending time with Him will helps me to re-focus. It is a time where feelings and attitudes can be checked. It’s refilling time! Thanks for that….

  2. God’s timing is amazing. I was just setting here this morning thinking how I miss my time with Him. He is always there, ready for a chat. It is me that gets to busy, to lazy, to preoccupied with stuff. Thanks for the reminder to draw near to Him!

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