O Death, Where Is Thy Sting?

“People long for more than earth…We have our moments. The newborn on our breast, the bride on our arm, the sunshine on our back. But even those moments are simply slivers of light breaking through heaven’s window. God flirts with us. He tantalizes us. He romances us. Those moments are appetizers for the dish that is to come.” -Max Lucado

The things about this life that make it worth it? They are reflections of heaven. They are meant to reflect our Lord and His love for us. The good things in life? They are Him. Life on its own is inherently beautiful- our God is.

Lord, with every good day, with every soul-stirring, heart-filling moment, with every laugh and meaningful hug, help me fall more in love with You, not with life. Not with what this world has to offer, but with what my Lord and Savior has to offer.

Help the good in life not strengthen my attachment to life, but to You.

Oh, Abba. How great You are.

Death has no sting.


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