The Language Of Hugs

As a therapist, I’m not supposed to hug my clients.

However, often they hug me.

And that brings tears to my eyes.

Because even though I feel like I have nothing to offer the world right now,

I’m obviously doing something right if my clients want to hug me.

All I can do right now is show up. I show up and I care. That’s all I have to offer.

But maybe that’s enough. Because where I go, the Holy Spirit within me also goes.


One thought on “The Language Of Hugs

  1. You Are Right On. Showing Up is an Act of Obedience.
    Obedience = Opening the Door For the Holy Spirit to Flow. We show up, He takes us AS We Are and Shows the World His Power Through us. It isn’t about us, It Is All About HIM.

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