Where It All Begins

“The heart is the most unrelenting muscle I have ever heard. The heart is the muscle that begins its work and does not cease, not for one moment. And it begins first. It’s already beating as the brain grows and takes shape, begins to assemble thoughts still as mysterious as whatever lies on the other side of this thin place, where heaven and earth are tremblingly close to each other. The heart, beating. It sounds so ordinary and then it sounds so unbelievable.”

This blog post made me think.

Long before we can survive in this world apart from our mothers, we exist as a heartbeat.

When God begins His work making us, shaping us, molding us, He begins with our hearts.

And that pattern continues for the rest of our lives. He will never stop molding us. And He will never stop beginning with our hearts.

“Watch over your heart with all diligence, For from it flow the springs of life.” -Prov. 4:23

Our hearts are central to everything else.

Our hearts, the doubts and pain and confusion and joys and praise they contain, it all matters to God. The health and condition of our hearts matter because everything flows from our hearts.

God is Love.

And we are created in His image.

And He starts us off as a heartbeat.

I think there’s significance in that.

Before our hearts know anything else, we know Him.

Oh, that we would stop living life so familiar with everything! Lord, help us to live lives of awe!

There is so much more to this life, to the way our Creator structured this world, than we will ever be able to comprehend this side of heaven.

Nothing is ordinary.

It is all miraculous.

Help me to see You in everything, Lord.

Give me eyes to see and ears to hear.

And help me be a reflection of You to a lost and broken world. Help me treat people like their hearts matter, because they do- to You, to me, to us as a society. We need each other. We need to become a people with hearts full of You, hearts that flow life. Build Your army, Lord.

Oh, Abba. Overwhelm me with You. Capture my heart. It  is Yours, Lord. It has always been. There, I find Your fingerprints.


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