He Is Good

I am sad.

And I think I know why, but I also think it’s probably deeper than what I realize. It feels complicated and messy and TOO HEAVY for me. So I’m not going to try to pick it apart and analyze it and understand it.

And that’s okay. I don’t have to know or understand why I’m sad. God gets it.

If I start to cry at an inappropriate time, God understands why. And when I turn to Him, I don’t have to feel ashamed for my tears or heartache. I don’t have to apologize for bringing down His mood or worry He’s going to go find someone else more fun or funny to spend time with instead.

His arms are open and I can run to Him and He will hold me. And He knows why I hurt. I don’t need to try to explain it to Him. He knows. When I ache to be held and there’s no one who is going to do that, He will. And I can just close my eyes and breathe in the presence and comfort and love and understanding of my Jesus.

I am held.


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