Protected: A Heart That’s Alive

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A Prayer

Oh, Lord.

What do I do? How do I respond appropriately to all that is within me?

I want to fall to my knees and stay there until Your physical hand reaches down from heaven and lifts me to my feet again.

I am out of options. What is there for me to do but to fall at Your feet and beg You for help?

I am weak and sinful and broken and needy, and You are God. You are mighty and powerful and loving and benevolent. And You are my only hope.

Please, Lord, please help me to worship You alone. Help me not grow weary of being unable to hug You and start looking elsewhere for what only You can provide.

Help me believe that You WILL provide.

Raise me up in faith and boldness and courage and the unshakeable conviction that the scriptures are true- that You are who You say You are, and that I am who You say I am, and that there is nothing to fear, and my tears matter to You, and that in the end it will all be okay. You win. Love wins.

Use me, Lord.

Enable me to be used by You.

Help me to be secure in the fact that You love me. Help me not to live my life out of insecurity.

Help me not forget that You are the God who changes lives. Help me believe that the loving God of the universe sees my brokenness and cares deeply about how I feel.

Help my heart not be like a rock. Help me get back in touch with thoughts and emotions. Help me, in Your perfect timing, walk through all that has been buried and heavy in my chest for so long. Help me to process and heal and find lightness and laughter in my soul.

Awake my soul, Lord. Help my heart come fully alive.

Lord, surround me and bless me with love, I pray. And help me to know that any of the love this world has to offer is just a reflection of You. Help me to continually turn back to You in praise.

You are my God. You are my Creator. My Father. Through the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit, help me to know what it means when You say You love me. Help my heart not to stray. Help my mind stay focused on Your word.

I am on my knees, Lord. I can do nothing without You. I can’t even stand up. I am before You, needy and dependent and out of options. Hear my prayer, Jesus.