“In returning and rest you shall be saved; in quietness and confidence shall be your strength.” -Isaiah 30:15

We can’t put our faith or hope in anything apart from Him. Oh, how I have to keep learning that lesson!

We cannot save ourselves, nor can we look to others to save us.

We must run to Him, broken as we may be, elusive as He may sometimes seem.

We have to submit ourselves to His divine will, trusting in His goodness and power and mercy.

And in that, in our quietness and trust (trust = confidence = “faith in practice”) we will find strength.

Quietness is the opposite of haste or fear. Quietness is sitting before Him as His child, clear that He is still on the throne, and choosing to trust in His timing. It is choosing to trust that He is working things together for good.

We let ourselves be held by Him. We come to know His heart more. We discover He CAN be trusted.

We breathe.

Quietness and trust.

2 a.m. A small child after a nightmare. In bed, her father’s hand rubbing her back. Her breathing slows, her eyelids grow heavy once again.



Faith like a child.

Just breathe. Let His presence be our comfort and our strength.

God is love. He can be nothing else. He is unfailingly good and unchanging.

He keeps His promises.


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