God Of The Impossible

When God instructed us to hide ourselves in Him, I don’t think He was being poetic. I think He said it because it’s actually something we can do. We really can take refuge in His arms, find shelter under His wings.

He knew we’d need that. He knew we’d need to run to Him and hide in Him, that life without that as an option would be too hard.

And what if, when He said “come to me!”, He didn’t mean it in the “come to church, say your prayers, read your Bible” sense, but because we really can GO TO HIM? He who is Emmanuel. God WITH us.

Do we believe our God is near? Yes.

Limitless? Sure.

Powerful? Of course.

Do we believe we can grab tight to the hem of His robe? See Him smile? Feel His breath as He leans down to kiss our forehead?


But you know the irony of that? He did those things in scripture. And He can do anything. So maybe that isn’t what He has for us today, right now, but who are we to decide that?

If He promises that those who seek Him diligently won’t be disappointed, and I am desperate to hug Him, how do I know that He won’t, in some way, do that for me?

I’ve learned that the more I go to Him–yes, in the church sense, arms raised in worship sense, Bible before me, kneeling in silence before Him sense–the more I find myself thinking, “I had no idea…”

I had no idea that power could flow from somewhere behind your rib cage when you’re allowing the Holy Spirit to pray through you. Or that the Bible really is comfort and living and powerful and transformative. I had no idea I could really, truly, not just with my brain but with my heart, give my longing for a parent to Him and find that He is able to fulfill it.

He is GOD. He created US, and here we are thinking we can tell you all the ways God does and does not show up! When has He ever followed humanity’s guidelines for possibility?! When He parted the sea? Saved three men from a fiery furnace? Walked on water?

It’s outrageous.

And He knew that if we didn’t believe Him when He said He was present and near and More Than Enough, we’d stop seeking Him. Or only seek Him half-heartedly. He knew that if we didn’t believe He’d sit down beside us on our bed while we read our Bible or kiss our foreheads before we fell asleep at night, we’d grow weary. If we didn’t really believe He was alive and real and not just “somewhere up in heaven” but here, right now, beside us, we’d look for someone or something else–something TANGIBLE–to meet our needs.

We have to keep our minds open. We have to expect Him to come to us. Like rain. Or wind. Or laughter. Or an embrace.

I don’t know anything. I don’t know what He has planned or if what I’m saying sounds crazy. But the truth is, neither do you. And if I don’t know if it’s crazy, I don’t know that it’s NOT crazy either.

And how would you rather live? Within the self-imposed walls of what you perceive to be possible, or with eyes open and head tilted toward heaven and arms spread wide because our God–the one who created this entire planet and our hearts and put within us a desire for Him–can do ANYTHING? Even the impossible.


One thought on “God Of The Impossible

  1. I am Looking Up……and READY, to See His Face Of Joy and Hear His Words of Love and Comfort, first hand. I am Also, Ready to Run to Him and Hide under the shadow of His Wings……….

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